ArcelorMittal Children's Garden

The ArcelorMittal Children’s Garden is a place of adventure and education for kids of all ages! Whether going down the slides, climbing up the towers, or trekking over the bridge, the Children’s Garden is full of excitement. One of our goals as an organization is to be utilized as a resource for nature appreciation, personal development, and happiness. The Children’s Garden helps us achieve this for families with kids looking to have fun and learn!

Kids can simulate drawing groundwater up from the earth with a hydraulic hand pump before watching it trickle down a 16 foot gold miner’s sluiceway - helping them answer the fundamental question, “Where does water come from?” In the spring, the nearby garden beds will blossom with flowers and herbs selected to provide a feast for the senses of smell, touch and sight. Relax on the swing or use the slide! Everyone can find something to enjoy in this area.

At Friendship Botanic Gardens we are determined to continually improve and add to our already incredible landscape. ArcelorMittal initially funded the Children’s Garden in 2015. Phase One and Phase Two of the Garden are complete as of 2017, with Phase Three of the project to be finished in 2018. We purchase equipment of only the highest quality. The playground equipment is made of a splinter-less cedar wood, providing a safe environment for kids to enjoy. Additional signage will be added in 2018 to enhance the educational aspects of the garden.

In the world we live in today, we continue to lose sight of the little things that matter. We have become absorbed in technology and it is easy to get caught up in the fast-paced environment that surrounds us. Do your kids a favor - put your phone away and come out to the ArcelorMittal Children’s Garden and enjoy some family time!