Trail Creek Fishing

trail creek fishingTrail Creek Fishing

Be sure to bring your tackle box for a little Trail Creek fishing when you visit Friendship Botanic Gardens! Garden members are granted access to the grounds all year long, and if licensed, they are welcome to throw out a line while visiting the gardens. Daily visitors are restricted from fishing. Fishing privileges are for members only, and members can fish anytime of the day dawn to dusk.  Rainbow trout and salmon can be seen running in the gardens two accessible creeks while in spawning season. Many fish travel through this creek at different times of the year, and many people look for places to fish Trail Creek. We are happy to welcome fishermen and their families, as there is something for everyone at the gardens. Dad can take the kids fishing, or mom can take the kids on a nature hike.

Trout and Salmon Fishing

Trail Creek Fishing can be a spectacular event when the steelhead, salmon and rainbow trout are spawning. These fish travel miles and miles inland to return to the same stream and creeks where they were born years ago.  Catch a bite from one and be prepared for an exhilarating battle to land that fish. Trout and salmon are large enough to put up a good fight, and there is no better reward from a long day of fishing than pulling up a monster fish. Other species of fish are always present in the gardens two creeks, along with turtles and waterfowl of many varieties.

trail creek fishing

Come and see why Friendship Botanic Gardens is one of the great secluded fishing spots in Northwest Indiana.

(Please note: fishing is not currently permitted in Lake Lucerne)




Members enjoying a good day along the banks of Trail Creek (December 2018).