Trail Creek

Friendship Botanic Gardens members can take advantage of spectacular fishing opportunities along the banks of Trail Creek. The only requirements are a Friendship Botanic Gardens Fisherman’s Membership and a valid fishing license. Nearly 2,000 feet of Trail Creek winds through the Friendship Botanic Gardens grounds, and trout and salmon can be found in abundance during their spawning seasons. Members have access year-round from dawn to dusk, giving you plenty of opportunity to find the perfect time to come out and cast a line in the water!

The creek twists and turns right through the heart of the grounds, eventually running into the waters of nearby Lake Michigan. The creek separates the Symphony side of our grounds from the Celebration side, with a bridge for visitors to walk over and see the water from above. It is a peaceful setting that can be enjoyed in ways other than fishing. Bring a lunch and watch the wildlife interact, or just sit and admire the beauty of the water as it flows peacefully through the woods. Trail Creek can be spotted from many of our walking and hiking trails, too! We encourage people to “forge a lifelong connection with nature”, and Trail Creek provides us with a great water resource that both humans and animals can enjoy.

Since Trail Creek is a vital part of our organization and grounds, we work with the Trail Creek Watershed Preserve and continually apply for funding opportunities to keep the creek clean. We have more projects in the works for 2018 and beyond for the creek, so stay tuned for further updates. In the meantime, come check out our grounds and the beauty of Trail Creek flowing through the heart of Friendship Botanic Gardens!