2019 Wedding Availability

Due to recent additions, we now have more availability for Saturday weddings in 2019! We increased capacity from a staff and resource standpoint to accommodate the increase in demand. Our beautiful and large property has numerous venues that can be customized for any size wedding. Please see the available dates below and contact our Wedding Coordinator, Stephanie, to schedule a tour! Stephanie's direct line is 219-608-9632. Visit our Venues Page and Wedding Reviews Page for more information.


The Symphony Garden at Friendship Botanic Gardens.

Saturday, May 4th - 1:00 Vows, 5:00 Vows

Saturday, May 11th - 1:00 Vows, 5:00 Vows

Saturday, June 15th - 1:00 Vows

Saturday, June 29th - 1:00 Vows

Saturday, July 6th - 1:00 Vows, 5:00 Vows

Saturday, July 13th - 1:00 Vows, 5:00 Vows

Saturday, July 20th - 1:00 Vows

The new Celebration Pavilion will have a stunning view overlooking Lake Lucerne. Construction will be completed for the 2019 season. A multi-colored fountain will also be installed in Lake Lucerne, adding to the beautiful setting in the meadow.

Saturday, August 10th - 1:00 Vows, 5:00 Vows

Saturday, August 24th - 1:00 Vows, 5:00 Vows

Saturday, August 31st - 5:00 Vows

Saturday, September 7th - 1:00 Vows

Saturday, September 14th - 5:00 Vows

Saturday, September 21st - 1:00 Vows

Saturday, September 28th - 5:00 Vows

Saturday, October 5th - 1:00 Vows

Saturday, October 19th - 12:00 Vows

                                                                       Saturday, October 26th - 12:00 Vows